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Who We are

We have been doing this business for over 3 years, and our background and experiences allow us to be able to work on a variety of these services. We have been where most of you are. we learned to take care of our needs so now we help other. But we do charge less because we know how hard it is to start the business and not being scammed.

Taravat_rashidi_alavijeh_marketing_beanding_head _of_marketing_cmyk

Taravat Rashidi ,

is over 3 years experience in marketing. Working in different industries. Her vast variety of experience from beauty services to pharmacy industry, health service, education and food industry give her the opportunity to help you with any project you have.

 Ghazal Rafijamal,

has over 4 years of experience in the e-commerce and IT industry. She had her own business and her education give her the tools to help you turn your idea into a valid business and make it successful. because of her background, she can help you with website development.

Ghazal_rafijamal_Head_of_ IT- CMYK
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